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Creative Collection

Please feel free to contact us for more information about the services listed that interest you.


Whether it is videoing an event or videoing your wedding we are here to help you accomplish it.

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Whether it is taking your graduation pictures or taking pictures of your first baby we are here to do it

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Editing Pictures

Sometimes the pictures we take do not turn out the way we thought or wanted them to, but that is why Angel Wolf Productions is here. We will fix your photos, whether it involves removing blemishes or simply making them look more professional we are here to do it.

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Editing Videos

Whether it is putting together a short or feature length film, making something you shot on you smart phone look more professional, or simply just putting the video you took of a family event together we are here to do it for you.

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Converting Print Photos to Digital Copies

Sometimes the digital copies of photos are lost or we simply do not have a digital copy; if you have the print photo we will happily scan all of them in.

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Special Effects Make-Up

Need your talent to have a busted lip but you do not want to actually hit anyone? We are here to help you create that look among many other desired looks you may want.

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Filmmaking is one of our passions. We strive to help filmmakers accomplish finishing their films.

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What We Do

We strive to accommodate our customers in whatever way they need us to for a price that they can afford.

Who Am I

I am a recent college graduate from the University of Montevallo. I have been in this industry for as long as I can remember

Why We Do

There are plenty of people out there providing the same services we provide. The difference is we strive to provide these services at a price that our customers can afford so that they never feel like they have missed out on something.

Angel Wolf Productions LLC.